The Reggio Approach

Although the Reggio approach shares some of the values of the better-known Waldorf and Montessori schools, it's not a philosophy with a set system of beliefs. Rather, it's an approach based around certain fundamental values about how children learn.  Our school aims to develop and promote Reggio inspired education.

Just what are these core values? Here's an introduction:

·        The teacher, parent, and child are collaborators in the process of learning. “Normally parents are not seen as part of the educational process in an authentic way.” But the Reggio approach views the parent as an essential resource for their child's learning. To foster community, Reggio schools host a variety of events throughout each school year, including conferences and special lectures for parents.


·        Learning is visible. The teacher observes and documents the daily life of the school to make learning visible.  In Reggio inspired classrooms, teachers use a variety of documentation methods, such as cameras, tape recorders, and journals, to track children's thoughts and ideas as they play together or work with materials.  Each child has a portfolio binder, including photographs of their projects, quotes from the child, artwork, and writing samples.  There will be lots of narratives of the children’s days at school.  Validating the children's work and supporting the child to go deeper into their perception of the world is the most important part of the process. Parents and teachers will agree: it's never too soon to start giving your child a nose for knowledge and the tools to investigate the world!

The Marcato School will be one just a few Reggio inspired schools in the entire metro Atlanta area.  We are happy to bring this creative and organic approach to learning to the East Cobb area!